Monday, January 30, 2012

You Blue My Mind...

Hey beautiful people!!! I hope you had a great MONDAY!!! I guess I did. I was in the library studying for 3 hours, time went by so quickly. Well it was another chilly, but sunny day in GA, and I really wanted to wear a skirt, but it was tooo chilly outside, so that's a no no.... Maybe tomorrow!!!

 I was a little nervous when I started mixing the colors, but in the end I'm glad I did, because the colors looked real great with together. I always wanted to wear this scarf, isn't it cute?! I am so in love with with this vibrant blue blouse. :)

Cardigan: Cutesygirl. $14.99
Blouse: Thrift store. 4.39
Scarf: Gift. Priceless!!!


 Shoes: Marshalls. $5.00


Hair: Twists in the front ( Shea Moister Gel). Puff in the back.

BLOOPER!!! but I think it looks pretty!!! :)

What do you think about this outfit?
Does the colors look good together?

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  1. Supper cute loving the scarf x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Omg you are too cute! Love the FAB shoes too. Guess I need to hit up Marshall's more often :)

    1. Girl no problem i love looking at blogs and i follow good ones, so what ever your doing its great. And thanks girl your cute yourself missie. And yes girl look through the sales rack/area and you will find some shoe's who need a home :)