Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royal Dress

Hello Beautiful!!!! I am so tired I went to bed late, I was studying for a Quiz. I also woke up early to study some more. I got a B+ so the studying was worth it!!! 

I didn't get to wear a skirt today, but I did get to wear a dress!!  
I believe this has to be my favorite dress, because it's PURPLE!!! ( My FAVORITE color!!)

Cardigan: $12.00
Dress: Marshall's $12.00
Belt: F21 $1.99

Necklace: eBay. $1.99

Untwisted my twist and braid out in the back.

Stay Fabulous!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

You Blue My Mind...

Hey beautiful people!!! I hope you had a great MONDAY!!! I guess I did. I was in the library studying for 3 hours, time went by so quickly. Well it was another chilly, but sunny day in GA, and I really wanted to wear a skirt, but it was tooo chilly outside, so that's a no no.... Maybe tomorrow!!!

 I was a little nervous when I started mixing the colors, but in the end I'm glad I did, because the colors looked real great with together. I always wanted to wear this scarf, isn't it cute?! I am so in love with with this vibrant blue blouse. :)

Cardigan: Cutesygirl. $14.99
Blouse: Thrift store. 4.39
Scarf: Gift. Priceless!!!


 Shoes: Marshalls. $5.00


Hair: Twists in the front ( Shea Moister Gel). Puff in the back.

BLOOPER!!! but I think it looks pretty!!! :)

What do you think about this outfit?
Does the colors look good together?

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Missing Laughter

Gandhi "Genuine laughter is true eloquence."

I always wanted to add this picture. After seeing Gandhi's quote, I realized I needed to add it on here... 
I love you Chi Chi!!!
My grandmother told me when you laugh a lot you live longer.... Well I know when I laugh a lot I forget about my problems, so maybe it's helping me cope with the stress. :)

Life is to short, so stay laughing and stay happy, it's hard but the end result is worth it!!!

Stay Fabulous!!! :)

I Love Your Hair

Motivating my Natural people!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red and Black!!!

I am still so excited that I added this to my closet!!! Here are some cute Red blazer outfits....

This has to be my favorite!!! Love it 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink Combination!

So I am not a fan of pink. But I was bored one night and decided to paint my nails different shades of pink... It came out so pretty!!!

Excuse my flash....The camera totally makes it look purple and orange... smh

I hope you like. What do you think about the color combination?

~Stay FaBuLoUs!!!~

Winter Basics & Must-Haves: Men

Hello beautiful people. If you live in Atlanta, you know you are cold or chilly. Either way you need to bundle up and stay warm and fashionable.  I love this outfit. Its simple and cute. You all know I adore men who can dress, so that means I adore him!

Basics: He is wearing a simple scarf. EVERYONE should have scarf. If not, gather up $10 and march yourself over to your local Walmart. Also his shirt, to me it looks like a basic t-shirt. Once again if you don't have one, go and march yourself to your local Target. Every guy should have these simple pieces of clothing in there room.

Must Have's: If your a guy and you don't have a blazer, all I can do is smh. If it's your school blazer or church blazer, don't be afraid to wear it out. As you can see, it made his casual outfit look classy. 
The boots are a must have as well, every guy probably doesn't have a pair of boots, if you don't now you know to save up your money and buy a pair!!!!

He looks very handsome!!!

And guys you can stay Fabulous too!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Unique Bold Apparel...

How do you walk in these??? Oh my 

  I love her shoes!!!

My 1st time @ Good Will

Hello beautiful people, I have been sick for a couple of days. Now I feel a little better, Thank God. I forgot to put up my pictures of what I bought from the Good Will over my winter break. It was my first time going to Good Will and I have to say I had a wonderful time!!! Everything was organized by color and style. The store  was clean and the staff were nice. They even had a dressing room!!!! I will surely go again.

So when I walked in, the first area I went to were the bags/purses, didn't see a thing that I wanted. Next were the shoes!!! I was so happy when I found a pair of sandal wedges. I am in love with wedges by the way. I was extremely happy when I tried them on and they fit!! 


Next were the clothes, I went to the cardigan section, because I really love them!!! So I found this pretty one with sequences on it. I put it in my cart and this Asian lady wanted it, lol ummmm sorry hun no you can not!!!


Last but not least, I had to check out the blazers... I am a blind shopper. I will go through one section and not see anything thing and come back and go through it again and find something. So I was happy to find this sexy red blazer. 

$5.95....WHAT??? yes I know.

I am in love!!!!

Go thrifting guys, you will have blast. I spent about $18 on 3 items that's great!! So you know I'm happy.
Have great weekend and stay FABULOSO!! (Fabulous)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Men Fashionista

Hello beautiful people... One thing I love about a man is how well he can dress. It just takes my breath away... really it does. This is what I'm talking about!!!

Do you see what I mean? 

Smh just FABULOUS!!!

e.l.f. and Charlotte Russe... SALE!!!

Get your shopping on!!!!
And stay FABULOUS!!! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Never Stop Praying!!!

Hello BEAUTIFUL people!!! I hope you had a wonderful week. This week was the beginning of school for a lot of college students and also the ending. One of my class mates could not finish school because one of her parents refused to pay for their tuition. What can you say to your friend when their in a situation like this, that will give them hope? Well I found this scripture and it really touched my heart, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

When your faced with many problems and difficulties, just remember these 3 easy steps:

1.Be happy 
2.Never stop praying  
3.Give thanks

If you follow these steps, when ever you go through a situation, you will realize it unnecessary to feel scared, or anxious about any situation. Following these steps won't happen over night, it takes practice and commitment! I hope this helps these tips help you this semester.

Have a great weekend and....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sale, Sale, Sale: CVS nail polish

I just got back from CVS and they have a sale going on... Well anything with a discount is a sale to me. Buy 1 get 1 half off on their Wet N Wild nail polish. Which are very good nail polishes by the way... I got two, with tax came up to $1.58... So thats pretty good! Oh yea its a $1, plus discount will be $l.50 for two.

So stock up on some very pretty colors!!