Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Till'ys and Forever 21 Haul!

So I haven't did a haul since I bought some stuff from eBay. Well Tilly's was a having a sale and free shipping on orders over $35!!! Usually its orders over $79, that day was my lucky day! Forever21 did have a lot of clothes on sale. So I decided it was a good time to show you what I got, because its the last day in February, which is actually a leap day!

These bangles I just had to have these. And they were on sale, ma'am I couldn't turn that down.
Eight peice bangle set 
Original price $4.99
Sale price $2.49

This color looks so yummy! : P
Cobalt body con skirt $7.99

Textured handbag $5.97

I always wanted this bandeau's. Super excited that I got it. Can't wait to wear it this summa!

Bandeau $2.97

Striped Drop Shoulder Tee -Sale for $ 6.99

Black skinny jeans- $10.50

I have been eyeing this skirt for 4 months and as soon as they restocked it I just had to have it. This color is hot.
Fuchsia body con skirt-$6.50

Textured Sheer Sweater- Sale fro $7.99

I awlays wanted an orande top, because I don't have a lot of color in my closet. Now I do!
Crop top- Sale for $7.99


Side Note:

  • If you ladies see any sales going on in stores or online, that you would like to share let me know. 
  • Also......
  • If you get any items that are super cheap, that is usually expensive or anything on sale let me know as well. We always find great deals,  and it would be nice to share with our followers so they can save a lil money in their pockets as well.
Lets "Pay It Forward" literally!!!

Stay FAbuLOus!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Stripes

I've come to the conclusion that I love stripes. I'm not sure why, but stripes add flava to any outfit. 


Top- F21 $6.99
Jeans- F21 $10.99

Pashmina Scarf- eBay $3.99

So I decided to take some picks with my glasses off..... 

What do you think?
Should I get contacts?

Me personally I look like a deer in head lights :) 
I think I should just keep to keep them on.....


Guess Who's Back?!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! xoxoxoxox's to everyone. I missed you dearly. I hope everyone is all right, blessed and not stressed! So my mid terms are OVA!!! I am so happy. I was up late last night and up early this morning studying for my history test an with prayer and my self made study guide, I believe I did well. I will find out my grade on Wednesday. I'm so anxious, I want to see the grade NOW!! lol 

How is everyone doing? Go ahead, leave your response in the comment box!! (Don't be afraid to email me ladies, if you have a problem, or if you need some one to talk to. :) 

I have some new followers. Which put a smile on my face. Thank you ladies for following my blog. Just like the saying "If you pray for me, I'll pray for you" that's the same thing with my blog. If you follow me, you know fa sho I'll follow you!!

I received these wonderful awards from Cherrie Amore, thanks boo!!!!
(Check her out when you have a chance. Tell her Kami sent you! xoxo)

Seven Random Facts About Me
  1. I adore, love, admire the color purple lol 
  2. I love ranch dressing. I put it on almost everything.
  3. I am a Seventh Day Adventist *whoot**whoot*
  4. I totally love my gap, I will never wear on braces.  
  5. Even though I am small, I eat a lot and I think about food all the time. I'm a fatty!!
  6. I LOVE Ranch dressing. Hidden Valley is the BOMB DIGGITY! 
  7. Some of my favorite shows I love to watch are: Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, SNL, Glee, Raising Hope, and New Girl.

Here's Who I'm Passing the Award on to:

 last but not least.......

I will be setting up a twitter and a tumblr VERY soon! So stay posted!

Love you ladies sooooo much!!
Have a great rest of the week and remember to STAY FABULOUS.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Attire!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you had a wonderful and fun Valentines Day. I spent my day with my family and my parents got me a little gift. Which made me very happy, by the way I didn't expect to get anything today.

So I decided to wear my red beret, because it was Val's day and because I didn't feel like doing my hair.
Beret- eBay $2.97
Grey Cardigan- Thrifted $3.94
Jeans- F21 $10.50
Tanks- Gap/ Gift
Belt: Gift

Necklace- eBay .99

So much has happened since my last post, last week. Well it's finally cold in Ga. I was not ready for it at all. I realize I need to buy some more sweaters, because I only have a few. Also the passing of Whitney Houston really messed up my weekend, I really wasn't ready to hear news like that. At first I thought it was a rumor, and when I realized it wasn't I really didn't know how to feel. I wanted to cry but my mind wouldn't let me. The next day I did after hearing her songs playing on the radio. But then that night the Grammy's were on. What kind of foolishness was that? The only thing I enjoyed was Bruno Mars's performance and Adele receiving almost all the awards that night. Other than that it was terrible, especially Nicki Minaj's performance. What was that? I mean I thought she was trying to be like Lady Gaga, honestly. 

I know I did promise to show you my Tilly' and F21 haul, it will come soon but school is really getting to me and I haven't been getting enough sleep. So I might take a little break from here, just to get myself in balance and focus on my priorities!

So continue to have a great week and stay Fabulous!! 

Fashion in Love

Happy Valentines Day And Black History Month!!!

Valentines Day Sale, HURRY!!! The Sale ends @ Midnight.



Enjoy shopping. Also if you get anything let me know!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This is why I love Fashion!

My girl Solange, she always looks vibrant.

She is really rocking this dress. Go Girl.

He looks so handsome!!! To cute.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Early Spring Attire

So I am so ready for SPRING!!! Well Ga is. Flowers are growing, buds are growing on the tree's, and the weather is cool. I love it. So I decided to wear to wear some spring colors, to show my appreciation for spring even though it kinda looks like fall still.

Cardigan: Gift
Beanie: eBay $2.95
Tank Top: Marshall $2.99

Ring: eBay- .99
Bracelet: F21-$1.99

Have a great rest of the week!!!