Friday, January 20, 2012

My 1st time @ Good Will

Hello beautiful people, I have been sick for a couple of days. Now I feel a little better, Thank God. I forgot to put up my pictures of what I bought from the Good Will over my winter break. It was my first time going to Good Will and I have to say I had a wonderful time!!! Everything was organized by color and style. The store  was clean and the staff were nice. They even had a dressing room!!!! I will surely go again.

So when I walked in, the first area I went to were the bags/purses, didn't see a thing that I wanted. Next were the shoes!!! I was so happy when I found a pair of sandal wedges. I am in love with wedges by the way. I was extremely happy when I tried them on and they fit!! 


Next were the clothes, I went to the cardigan section, because I really love them!!! So I found this pretty one with sequences on it. I put it in my cart and this Asian lady wanted it, lol ummmm sorry hun no you can not!!!


Last but not least, I had to check out the blazers... I am a blind shopper. I will go through one section and not see anything thing and come back and go through it again and find something. So I was happy to find this sexy red blazer. 

$5.95....WHAT??? yes I know.

I am in love!!!!

Go thrifting guys, you will have blast. I spent about $18 on 3 items that's great!! So you know I'm happy.
Have great weekend and stay FABULOSO!! (Fabulous)

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  1. That red blazer is everything!! its gorgeous! Great finds girl.