Saturday, December 10, 2011

Men's Fashion: Preppy Look and Bright Colors

Hello Beautiful people!!! I hope you had a blessed/great Saturday. While I was a church today, I saw a handsome young man come in with white shoes, black suspenders, red tie, black retro glasses, white blouse, and a I believe khaki pants. So it got me thinking about the preppy look.

Preppy Fashion is a big trend this Fall. Because it's chilly we all want to stay warm and comfortable, but look good at the same time. You can were a combination of a blazer and a scarf or a nice cardigan. Plus you can add in some color. Instead of wearing your normal fall colors ( brown, yellow, orange and red) you can add some blue, purple or maybe even green to your outfit for a pop of style and color.

My Top 3 Preppy Look Items:

1. Cardigan
JCPenny has Cardigans for $19.99

Foever21 Men  Red Waffle Knit Cardigan $12.00

2. Bow tie/Neck tie
 One major accessory for a preppy look is a bow tie. 

Link: This video teaches you how to make your own bow tie from material.

Link: This video teaches you how to make a bow tie from a regular neck tie. (*cheap and real easy.)

3. Suspenders

Gradated Stripes Suspenders from Forever 21 Men

You can get more ideas for Preppy looks at I hope this helps!! Have fun looking preppy and sexy.

                        What are your favorite preppy look items, you love to wear in the Fall?

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