Friday, October 26, 2012

Natural Hair Show :2012

Hey HUNNNNNNIES!! It's been awhile since I showed my blogger's and blog some some love. Well my computer is broken and all my pictures are on it so I have to find a way to retrieve them. And school, smh it is really sucking the energy from me. I need some type of healthy energy drink (which there are none) that can give me the energy I need. Because I am soooooo tired. 

Two weeks ago I was able to attend the Natural Hair show here in Ga. They have one in April and in October. I had a blast. The main reason I wanted to go, was to see my favorite you tuber Ms. Vaughn but I got there to late. :( .......but I still had a great time :)

So I'm wearing my jean jacket paired with my maxi black skirt from H&M.

 Also my shirt is a natural hair shirt 
It was $20!!
My Hair is a blow out. I used my oils and Cantu Shea moister  leave in conditioner as my moisturizer.

I hope to see you here next time in April!!!