Monday, May 7, 2012

Think Like A.......?!!

So over the weekend I watched Think Like A Man! Yes yes yes go and see it, with your partner, friends, or by yourself! It's so FUNNY!! I couldn't stop laughing, screaming, clapping and stomping lol 

(Don't they look yummy??? lol)

So while watching it I was thinking, do women actually by Steve Harvey's book and follow his rule/opinions on how to find a man and how to deal with them?? I mean is his information legit?

Why can't we just follow our "womanly or manly" instincts to help us deal with our relationship problems??

How do you deal with your relationship problems?
Do you run to your best friend or mom/dad for advice? Or do you figure out the problem by yourself?

Ooohhh weeee I can't wait for your answers!! 

Alright now, I hope you all have a blessed and safe week!!
Stay Fabulous


  1. LOL I wanna watch this movie too! =p

    & yes the pics you posted are yummy HAHA

  2. Lovely blog! I love fashion a lot too! How do I join your blog?

  3. Girl people are too unique to have one book that tells them how to answer their problems. I definitely try to work out my issues wit the boo by myself, but sometimes, seeking a male perspective can enhance your perspective! In addition, my homegirls will let me know if I'm being "extra". But you can't tell people all your business.....folks develop animosity with the quickness, LOL.

  4. i only read the first two lines......

    if you want me to read the rest of the post, you're gonna have to remove that collage of buff damn!