Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Playlist

Well hello my beautiful followers, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food was, hmmm.... not to good, I just found out that all caribbean people can't cook.

Well I am in love music. I think every section of my life had a genre or favorite artist. When I was younger it was anything on radio Disney. Then it moved to the 60's music. When I was in middle school it was R&B and my favorite artist was BOWWOW lol he was my future husband. Then in high school I was into 80's music mainly Madonna and some hip hop. Now that I'm in college it's neo soul, I'm into Jill Scott and Frank Ocean now. Who knows what I'll be into next year...


I hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kids Swag

Don't they look ADORABLE?!!!

Thanksgiving Outfits

Hello beautiful people!!! I hope you guys are ready for THANKSGIVING!!! I know I am. Every year I go out for thanksgiving. Either to my grandma's house or my aunt's house. I enjoy spending time with my family members and seeing how everyone has changed. But the one thing I am excited about it dressing up. Usually people want to stay comfortable during this time and some people love to dress up.

Here are some are some Thanksgiving outfits that will maybe fit your style and personality!!!

Comfy Look
I think everyone feel comfy in a nice cardigan or sweater. Just add some cute flats or sneakers and you will feel comfy all day.

If your going to eat a lot....

If you know your going to eat a lot, well wear something loose. Like a loose blouse or sweater. Do not wear tight jeans, you will feel stuffed all day. Where nicely fitted jeans or maybe a pair of leggings.

Going to a Classy Dinner.
While your getting your food, you don't want to walk around with a plate in high heels. That's a disaster waiting to happen. So these oxford shoes look classy and comfortable to walk in. Also the the dress and the blazer with the leopard scarf will make you feel fancy all evening. For you guys a touch of fall colors in your outfit will make you feel warm and look fashionable.

Just staying at home and chilling!!
The plaid shirts and basic jeans make you fashionable while your at home. Plus when you take pictures at home to upload them on Facebook, twitter, or tumblr your already look great. You

Thanksgiving Advice

  1. If your going to someones house remember to bring some slipper or socks that you can walk around and feel comfortable in.
  2. Sometimes you might be invited to someones house and they will be doing all the cooking, it would be nice to bring a pie, cakes, cups or napkins to help them out.
  3. If your not into watching football, its best that you bring some games or movies to watch so you can be entertained during or after you eat.
What are some of the things you do during Thanksgiving?

I hope you guys have a wonderful and save Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion in Love

Hello Beautiful People, I hope your week was awesome!!! I thought it would be nice to see people who are in love, looking good!!! I was inspired by my high school classmate, Tyrell Stovall's blog fashioninluv. Where he talks about his love for fashion. His motto is : "Fashion is Love... Love is Fashion... Style your love... Love your passion!!!" So go and check him out and support his blog!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In or Out?

I was speechless when I saw this picture. I couldn't tell if it was a male or female!!! Then I noticed same facial hair and I realized it was a man. There is to much going on in this picture. I think "it" just woke up and threw things on, honestly.

What you think about this attire?

Saving Tips: Bargain Tips for Black Friday!!!

So I always wondered why "Black" Friday Had to be Black??? Maybe its because your up all night/morning before the sun rises standing in line to get the 22"in TV on sale. Maybe that dress you saw at Macy's you wanted is now on sale 50% OFF!!! Yes Black Friday is the busiest day in November and maybe the entire year. You get great deals on everything; electronics, clothes, and especially holiday presents!!!

Here are some tips that will help you save some money and time, while shopping on Black Friday!!!

1. Check the ads

Your local Thanksgiving newspaper will be filled with coupons. Usually the newspaper is a dollar or a  couple of cents more, either way it's not worth a lot of money. Scan through each coupon so you can save on clothes, electronics, gifts, home decor, and more. You can save up to 85% at some stores and if you shop before certain hours you can get special discounts.

2. Do your research.

Before you start to shop, make sure you do your research on the items you want to buy during Black Friday. Many Websites will post leaked Black Friday advertisements so you can get a sneak peek at the discounted goods retailers will be offering.

If you are planning on purchasing electronics (digital cameras, TVs, laptops, etc) on Black Friday, be sure to research the specific brand and model before you buy. That way you'll know if you're getting a great deal and a quality product. is a site filled with buying advice on a wide variety of products from professionals who have the knowledge to help you make good decisions.

3.Have a plan

Now that you have the first two tasks out the way, its time to decide on a plan of attack for Black Friday.

  • Who will be shopping with you?
  • What time will you be heading out?
  • What stores or malls do you want to go to?
  • What stores should you go to first?
Once you answer those questions, you'll be a smoother shopper in no time!!!

5. Make a Budget.

First, set a general budget you would like to stick to, then get specific. take the list you made and write how much you want to spend on presents next to each person's name. Next, set a personal budget for yourself. It will  be hard but setting a budget for yourself will help you with self control and in the end you won't be broke.

  • Do I want this just because it's on sale?
  • Will I actually wear/use this item?
  • Is this something I truly want?
  • Will I need this item in the future?

last but not least...

6. Save you receipts!!!!

I know after I buy something around the holidays I always find something wrong with my item and then I have to return them. So saving your receipts is a plus while shopping. Maybe you found a cheaper item somewhere and you want to return your previous item you bought. If you don't have your receipts, you might go over the "return days" and can't get your money back. So don't be in a rush to throw away those annoying pieces of paper, because they will come in handy.

I help these Bargain Tips will help you out this Black Friday! What do you usually do when you shop during Black Friday? What stores do you usually shop at?

Saving Ideas: 
1. Remember to bring your coupons. You can organize them buy store or by the different types of items your purchasing  ex. electronic coupons, clothes coupons, and home decor coupons.

2. You can always shop online, if you don't feel like waking up early in the morning to stand those annoying lines. Plus you can find cheaper items online as well.

3. Be polite to the salespeople during Black Friday. That day will be very hectic for them. Plus they might hook you up with some extra discounts/coupons!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beautiful Darkness

Hello Beautiful people!!! The weather in the A feels so awesome. So I decided to take some pictures at night time. It wasn't cold at all, it was perfect. 

I felt very comfortable and relaxed as you can tell.

Top: Tilly's $3.99
Cardigan: Forever 21 $11.99
Jean: H&M $10.00
Boots: Marshalls $14.99
Jewerlry: A $1.00 each eBay

Here's a little up close to my pretty face!!! Purple top and purple lips SEXY.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Unique Bold Apparel...

I love things that are different. Hair, food, fashion..etc It inspires me to do something unique or bold....

Now this is the BOMB!!!!!

And it looks great!!!

What do you think about these outfits/designs? Doesn't it make you want you to do something creative?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking good 4 church

So for church I decided to go with a simple bun. Very classy, neat and pretty. My dad loved it. He said it made my face look different... I don't know what he's talking about but I did notice a lot of people looking at me.

I hope you think it's cute!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's getting cold in here... Brrrr

It's starting to get real cold here in Georgia. So I started taking out all my sweaters, gloves, scarfs...etc I was on my way to school to study, so I wanted to look cute but feel comfortable as well.

The pink sweater is from my aunt, I believe it's GAP.
The leopard gold necklace is from ebay ($ 2.00)
Pants from AJWrights 
Shoes from Ross ($9.00)
Scarf is from CATO ($3.99)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introducing: ME!!

Hello everybody, welcome to my blog. I am very excited that I finally started on something I've been dreaming about for a while...

This site was created because I noticed when I looked at other blogs, I would see the prices these ladies would spend on clothes were ridiculous. In a country that can go down at any time because of money we need to realize it's okay to buy the $50 dollar pair of boots instead of the $250 pair. 

The one thing I can say is that people are thrifting now. Which is great. You can find the most timeless pieces in the right thrift store with some patience.

Also I would love to discuss what you would want to read about, and discover who you are and your sense of style. Maybe your style can influence someone. 

There are so much other things I would love to share, but you have to stay tuned for that...

I hope you enjoy my new creation and have a blessed day!!!!