Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Basics & Must-Haves: Men

Hello beautiful people. If you live in Atlanta, you know you are cold or chilly. Either way you need to bundle up and stay warm and fashionable.  I love this outfit. Its simple and cute. You all know I adore men who can dress, so that means I adore him!

Basics: He is wearing a simple scarf. EVERYONE should have scarf. If not, gather up $10 and march yourself over to your local Walmart. Also his shirt, to me it looks like a basic t-shirt. Once again if you don't have one, go and march yourself to your local Target. Every guy should have these simple pieces of clothing in there room.

Must Have's: If your a guy and you don't have a blazer, all I can do is smh. If it's your school blazer or church blazer, don't be afraid to wear it out. As you can see, it made his casual outfit look classy. 
The boots are a must have as well, every guy probably doesn't have a pair of boots, if you don't now you know to save up your money and buy a pair!!!!

He looks very handsome!!!

And guys you can stay Fabulous too!!!

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