Monday, May 21, 2012

Un-dried Natural Hairstyle

On Friday, I did my hair late at night. Not a good idea. I did a braid out with water, oils and Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream.

(I got this product at the Natural Hair show in Atlanta)

When I woke up it was damp and I didn't know what to do with it. So I got an elastic band and pulled my hair up.

(Another reason why it was damp is because the curly cream is kinda thick. So water and the curly cream needed double the time to dry.)

I love the wet results. I wish I new about this hairstyle before. because many times I woke up and my hair was wet and it looked a hot mess which made me look a hot mess smh

*What styles do you do when your hair is damp in the morning?


  1. very nice blog! thanks for your comment:)!

  2. would this curl hear help me, considering my hair is naturally straight!

    xoxo Dia

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! Am trying to follow your blog but i couldn't.

  4. I can't STAND when my hair is still not dry in time when you've spent ages on it the night before! How did you find the T.Waajid Curl Cream? You look lovely!

  5. your hair looks nice, and thats a cute flower! ^_^
    it looks nice on you :)

  6. you're pretty with your flower :) love your blog :)

  7. thank u for your comment ;) i wanted to follow but i dont know where i should click --' i cant see the members area :(