Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Little Black Dress Journey....

Good Afternoon Beautiful sunshine's!! It's a brand new week and day so lets make it a great one... don't ya think???

Last week Wednesday I went to club Opera in Midtown.... The experience was very crazy and unusual.

So the person who took me their does not know how to use her time wisely or even respect the fact that she is responsible for taking someone to an event. We were suppose to get to the club at 10:00 but we arrived at 12:30. YES WE HAD TO PAY $10. Well she did I didn't a friend paid for me!!! 

So she knew we had to pay for parking but she didn't bring any parking money or gas money. I paid for her gas I didn't mind. So now we had to find free parking in the the city of Atlanta at Midnight. We parked about 10 minutes away from the club. And her ass used a gps to find the place. Where they do that at??????

So we were walking in circles. Asking random people for direction. I was drunk off of coca-cola smh lol 
I wasn't scared at all. I prayed to God and He was going to protect me. The girl now, didn't want to ask folks for directions, she wanted to continue using Tom, her not so helpful gps..... just foolishness

We finally got there and my crazy ass for got my i.d. in the car. Oh no we didn't walk back, the girl who invited me to the club walked out  the club and took us to the car, so I could get my i.d. smh

By the time we got to the club it was 2 something in the a.m. and the clubs in Ga closes at 3 a.m. 

: /

The music sucked. People were drunk and tired. The club looked very nice and neat. Very good security!! So I felt safe. 

I danced a lot but my home girl didn't dance because she didn't feel the music. I didn't either but I was still going to have a good time while I was here.

I still looked good after the club!! lol 

Yes we had to walk back to the car. Which wasn't that bad. We parked next to the gay club. So they were leaving as well and one shouted at me "you look fierce!"
That made my night! lmao 

Ladies always bring cash when your heading out with your friends. Your debt/credit card will not help you out all the time. 

Stay Fabulous! :)


  1. Laughing...yet sympathetic at your "journey". But I agree, you looked fab!!!

  2. haha this was so funny. you rocked that black dress!. x

  3. Lol sorry your night didn't go as expected, you look amazing in that dress though! x

  4. Haha, cute! and too bad with regards to the club experience. Check out my post regarding my pageant please and share! I think you'll like the african print skirt!