Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nails of the Week: NOTW

Now that I am out of school I can take time and do my nails. Trying to do designs are hard. But with practice, a steady hand, and a good imagination you can create anything. So here are my results!

I got this design from Glamour Beauty

$1 from the Dollar Store

Sunny Side: $1 from CVS


Black Lines

To make the dots I used a pin and stick it to an eraser and dip the other round end in the nail polish.
If you don't have nail polish design tools make them!

Here's the link where I got the idea: DIY Dotting Tool

Milani: Glitzy Lilac and Cover Girl: Blush-in-Ivory 

L.A. Colors: Top Coat $1 and Nutra Nail: Base Coat $2 from CVS 

Art Decor: Black $1

CVS, Walgreens and the Dollar store has nice nail polishes for a $1. So if you don't have money for OPI (like myself) these are cheaper. Yes they have some cons but what doesn't?

Now I am of to do another design. I get bored with my nail colors real easy.



  1. I like what you did the first one is very tropical.

  2. pretty nails. love the second one the best - lola x