Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Outfits

Hello beautiful people!!! I hope you guys are ready for THANKSGIVING!!! I know I am. Every year I go out for thanksgiving. Either to my grandma's house or my aunt's house. I enjoy spending time with my family members and seeing how everyone has changed. But the one thing I am excited about it dressing up. Usually people want to stay comfortable during this time and some people love to dress up.

Here are some are some Thanksgiving outfits that will maybe fit your style and personality!!!

Comfy Look
I think everyone feel comfy in a nice cardigan or sweater. Just add some cute flats or sneakers and you will feel comfy all day.

If your going to eat a lot....

If you know your going to eat a lot, well wear something loose. Like a loose blouse or sweater. Do not wear tight jeans, you will feel stuffed all day. Where nicely fitted jeans or maybe a pair of leggings.

Going to a Classy Dinner.
While your getting your food, you don't want to walk around with a plate in high heels. That's a disaster waiting to happen. So these oxford shoes look classy and comfortable to walk in. Also the the dress and the blazer with the leopard scarf will make you feel fancy all evening. For you guys a touch of fall colors in your outfit will make you feel warm and look fashionable.

Just staying at home and chilling!!
The plaid shirts and basic jeans make you fashionable while your at home. Plus when you take pictures at home to upload them on Facebook, twitter, or tumblr your already look great. You

Thanksgiving Advice

  1. If your going to someones house remember to bring some slipper or socks that you can walk around and feel comfortable in.
  2. Sometimes you might be invited to someones house and they will be doing all the cooking, it would be nice to bring a pie, cakes, cups or napkins to help them out.
  3. If your not into watching football, its best that you bring some games or movies to watch so you can be entertained during or after you eat.
What are some of the things you do during Thanksgiving?

I hope you guys have a wonderful and save Thanksgiving.

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