Friday, November 4, 2011

It's getting cold in here... Brrrr

It's starting to get real cold here in Georgia. So I started taking out all my sweaters, gloves, scarfs...etc I was on my way to school to study, so I wanted to look cute but feel comfortable as well.

The pink sweater is from my aunt, I believe it's GAP.
The leopard gold necklace is from ebay ($ 2.00)
Pants from AJWrights 
Shoes from Ross ($9.00)
Scarf is from CATO ($3.99)


  1. THAT CHAIN IS CUUUUTTTTEEE. ! i want to order some jewlery to but shipping is to much. ohh and what stores do you recommend to thrift at?

  2. Go online an search for different thrift stores in your area. One good thrift store it Good Will!!!