Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forgive those who hurt you.... Ex-Solution: Part 2

Hello beautiful people!! I hope you are having fun in the sun, hanging out with your family and friends and eating a lot. I know I am!!

So 2 month ago I shared with you about my ex problems... Well what ever I hoped or expected to happen didn't even happen, not even a little bit.

We were emailing back and forth (I refuse to talk to him or text him on the phone. I'm not ready for that) and I noticed he would take 3 or 5 days to reply to my message. Ummmm thats a no no boo. I'd forgive him  because he would always have some pitiful excuse why he didn't message me back.

I knew (in the back of my mind) I wanted to be with him, maybe in the future. But I knew that wouldn't happen. So I talked to a therapist I knew at my church for some advice. He is an older man and he has been through a lot so I knew he would help me with this problem

I am so glad I decided to talk to him because he made things seem so clear. Because I am such a loving, nurturing, and understanding person, it was easy for me to fall for my ex again. But he made it clear to me that if my ex really wanted to mend things up with me, he would not take a WEEK to message me back.

He also told me to make a deadline for my ex as well. So I did.  I emailed my ex and told him that we needed to meet up , because this email thing was not working out. Also if you really wanted to mend thing up   he will find time for me and fix it. I sent that to him thinking he would respond.... but I am still waiting.


I realized that I needed him to act like a total ass, so I could see he is not worth my energy, love, passion and time. But he is worth my forgiveness, mercy and prayers. We are all humans and we make mistakes, so who am I to cast the 1st stone?

At the end of the day I am at peace with this situation, but the dating world seems big and scary. I hope its ready for me and my ambitions!!


  1. Girl,I have been having problems with my ex but not a week ago,I decided to delete everything that reminded me of him.There won't be any contact between us until I moved on and so happy in love with someone else again.Someone who is worth my love.(Precious love..hahaha)
    You should do the same.
    Hope things get better for you :)

  2. Hmm... I had the exact problem.. we were dating for almost a year and then he moved to another country so it became a long distance thing and he stopped messaging, replying..e.t.c.. we talked about it but it didn't get better. We decided to end things. I stopped talking to him.. but somehow again, we started talking few months ago but i thought about it, there's no point holding on to someone that's never going to appreciate me. Time to move on. It's hard cuz i still think about him but i know i'll get there.. Sigh (Boy problems)

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  4. great post