Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Where Have You Been?"

Honey child... Kami is becoming super lazy!!! It's been almost a month since I posted something on here.

I have a new addiction and it's called Tumblr!! My goodness. I'm so sorry for forgetting about my fabulous bloggers on here. smh

Soooooooo.... whats new with me. Well I'm glad you asked, lol

SCHOOL!! School started 2 weeks ago and I have just been studying and chillin with my friends. I actually love this semester, so far. I've been hanging out with my class mates a lot more than usual, I'm more active in school activities and clubs and going out meeting new people. So I think this semester might end great!!!

When it comes to my hair smh. I hardly know what to do with it. On when I go to church is when I really put some time and energy into my hair styles.  During the week its a puff, protective styles and something random I created.


I need some help with my acne. I wash my face night and day and I use face moisturizers but my face is still breaking out. I am really tired of it. So if you have any great skin regimens, please hook a sista up. I am really fed up with my acne.

Well that's all folks. I hope you all Have a blessed and fabulous week. :)


  1. your hair looks rlly nice like that :)


  2. Love your naturalness!!


    P.S: Stop by to wish my blog its first anniversary!!!