Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Favorite Hair Products: Part 1

Since I've been natural I have accumulated a lot of hair products. I love trying out new things, but it can get annoying sometimes, having a bunch of products, that do the same thing. So I went through my collection of products and picked out a few things that I enjoy using in my hair daily!

Daily Products:


The Shea Moister line was sent from heaven as a blessing for my hair!! I have a lot of hair, so all I do is section my hair into four sections and add this into each part. 
The next day all I do is spray my hair with water and my hair is moisturized and soft. 


I didn't like this at first, but after using it so much and learning that my hair has to be damp before adding this, I found "The Sweetest Thing" for my hair. My edges are always on point!! It does flake after a while, so I just add a little water and tie it down and I'm good to go!

This is my boo thang!! lol I love this. It's crack to my hair. My hair looks shiny, thick and moisturized, when I'm done using this. It doesn't dry out my hair at all, it actually makes it really soft!

I always had  a problems with my edges. They are constantly breaking and I really think it's genetics!! But I learned to tame "my run away" edges with this product. I mix it with the olive oil gel and it stays smooth all day and night. 
Side note: Please don't think when your edges are short its called "baby hairs", because its not. It's FAAARRR from it hun!


I mix all of these oils together. I just started getting into the habit of using them. I can't use coconut oil alone, I think it dries out my hair. I use the L.O.C method when using the oils.
L- Liquid:Water.
O- Oils: You seal the liquids with the oils.
C-Creams: Then you add the cream to lock up all the moister from the previous products!

Last But not least is water. You should ALWAYS use water in your hair. Never comb your hair when is dry. You should use a lot now, especially when it's HOT!!

If you have any questions about these products let me know!
Also what products do you use daily?

(Please ignore the ghettoness of my pictures. It was getting dark over here, The only light I could get was from the window lol )


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