Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On The Road Again...

It seems to me that for the 1st time in my life I've been able to travel so much. The year just started and I've already traveled to two states... That's a blessing for me.

Back ground...
My father is very protective and a lil parinoid. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY so he's seen a lot. When I was little I didn't go out a lot I stayed at home and played with my neighborhood friends. Now that I am a little older I have been doing my own thing, which is driving him crazy. I'm his only daughter and the oldest so I get most of the heat. That's life and I just have to find ways to deal with it and I am...

Back to reality...
I just got back from Alabama. I went to Oakwood University Alumni weekend. It's an historically black Seventh-day Adventist institute and HBCU. If your new to my blog I am a Seventh- Adventist. (If you want to know more about my religion go to Adventist.org

On Saturday (Sabbath) I was able to go to their main event which was their church service. For the youth is was our Fashion "Day". Everyone looked great. Including me!!! I couldn't go there with my fine and single self looking terrible. 

Dress: Marshall's $12.99
Shoes: Christmas gift from Bakers
Purse: A gift

My Fam


That afternoon I was able to go to a concert featuring some of my favorite chiors the Aeolians and my high school choir as well.

They did a great job!!!

 Aeolians performances...

My outfit for that evening....

My hair was a braid out that was inspired by MsVaughnTV

I used:
Shea butter
A mixture of oils: grape seed, olive, coconut, etc

I hope you enjoyed my review for my trip once again. I know for a fact I won't be leaving GA for a while. School is almost over!!! I'm so excited. I have about 3 weeks for my break,  then back to school to take Summer classes :/.... 

I hope everyone is doing well!! I will talk to you soon.
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Stay Fabulous!!!


  1. I love your dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog and my home state lol!

  2. u look amzing in the blue dress.thank u for all e comments on my blog!

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  5. Hi! Thankyou for following my blog, I'm now following you back (: You look gorgeous in that blue dress, what an amazing colour on you! I love the shoes too (: x