Sunday, January 13, 2013

Red Blazer Results!!

So I finally got to wear my red blazer I bought last year at the thrift store ( My 1st Time at Goodwill).
I wanted to fine the right dress to wear with it and it took me 11 months to find it smh
I made a post trying to decide what outfit would look best with the blazer.(Red and Black)

Well here are the results!!!

Peplum Dress: Ross-$12.99
 Shoes: Ross, Steve Madden - 19.99

 And no I don't have a perm I flat iron my hair for the winter!


  1. Great find for your first time!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award check here for more info


  2. Looove that blazer and the shoes are fab x

  3. I actually love the shoes!! Fab . please check my blog and show some love, i'm a new comer. lol. . thanks

  4. That blazer is gorgeous. x
    Feel free to check out my blog too x