Sunday, December 23, 2012

Solange Knowles

I am in love with Solange right now!! I really don't have any words to describe the relationship we have lol it's so amazing lol But seriously I am so happy for her. Her carrier is booming. She is gorgeous, she is natural and she can sing, its like she is a ball of fabulousness, if that a word. I really need her to come out with a clothing label and stop playing. Because home girl look hot all the damn time. And her hair is always on point!

                             Check out Solange's Blog: My Damn Blog!!

(If you look very hard you can see the name of her album)

I am loving her new CD True right now. Its funky, retro, inspirational and just different. It has a 90's vibe that just makes you want to just get up and dance!! I just love that about her. Right now my favorite songs from her album are Losing you and Lovers in the Parking Lot! So Go and check her out and buy her CD, trust me you will love it!!

Losing You

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  1. I love Solange, love her style and her hair! Style inspiration.