Monday, December 17, 2012

Atlantic Station: Ladies Day Out

A couple of weeks ago a high school friend of mine and I decided to go out to Atlantic Station. It was a nice day, it was sunny but a little cold, but we had a blast!

We went to Victoria Secret 1st. If you ever sign upon their site, you can receive free offers in the mail. I received a free underwear and $30 off a bra. 

Next was H&M!! I love this store. They had  a lot of sales on dresses, bags, gloves, shoe, well everything!! 
 I bought a bag for her and me and a pair of gloves. 

After we ate at the Cheese Cake Bistro...

DSW was next and I decided to have a lil photo shoot with my girl Natasha!!

So my look was really retro. I am falling in love with long Blazers. They make your outfit look really effortless but classy.
 Blazer- Thrift Store- $7
Shoes- TjMaxx- $20
The top is actually a dress that I bought from Ross $7
 ( Please ignore my retarded sleeve smh my friend didn't tell me to fix it)

So on my way home I spotted this nonsense, and all I was thinking was these people in Atlanta don't play lol. I mean  I know a woman had to have done that smh She was mad!!

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  1. I really like your outfit I agree with you about long blazers :) Your friend looked great too and aww I LOVE your hair haha

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