Friday, March 30, 2012

My Mini Vacation to Florida

Beautiful people I missed you so much. Oh man I feel so good write now. I just finished one of my big projects and I though I would treat myself by writing a post. Which is long over due. smh

So I believe I have 5 weeks left of that horrible place  call college. I really want to tell off the person who said it was fun and easy. That was nonsense. Ya'll pray for me please!!

You know I have to give out some SHOUT OUTS to my beautiful new followers!!!


So if you didn't know I have Caribbean in me. My dad is from Jamaica and my mom is from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I love my culture!!! ESpecially the food and the people. Caribbean people LOVE to have fun. So I decided to join a club at school called the S.O.C.A. club, which stands for Students of Caribbean Ancestry. We promote Caribean awareness events for the student on our campus. They learn about our food, dances, music etc.. 

This past weekend my club members and I went to a Leadership Conference in Florida, which was hosted by FCSA (Florida Caribbean Student Assosiation). We flied their with Spirit Airlines..... I will never do that again. The plain was dirty, the seat were to small, and for a carry on you had to pay $40!!!! I didn't pay $40, someone else paid for me. 

Our Hotel was in Boca Raton, Fl. It's a nice town with a lot of stores and a lot of elderly people. I guess it was a retirement area. I stayed at the Wyndham Hotel. They people their was so nice, very warm and friendly. I would go there again. 

This is my lovely room. I had my own bed!!! THANK YOU LORD. My room ate was great!!! 

This is what I wore on the plane. Basic leggings, tank top and a cardigan. It was comfy and I stayed warm on the plane!

After we got in we went to the mall and got something to eat. 

I buy this every time I go to the Cheese Cake Factory. It's $10.99 and I get as much fries as I want!!

The next day I didn't hang with the group I went to church. I am a Seventh -Day Adventist, so I worship on Saturday. My cousin lives there so he took me to church. I totally forgot that Florida was super HOT and my silly self decided to were a cardigan. smh 

Cardigan: Thrifted $12.99
Tank: Delia's
Burgundy Skirt: Forever21 $5.99
Wedges: Good Will 

I was able to see some of my family members... I haven't seen them in YEARS, so it was a blessing to see them. It made my trip complete!!

My cousin and I. I love this guy.... 

Later on that night I met up with my club members and we went to a lovely banquet hosted by the conference. 

After that we went out (to the club smh) 

Honestly I just sat around and danced on the wall... lol clubs are not the place me!!!!!

The next day, Sunday, we had a little cook out. This was the time where everyone was able to have fun, play games and meet new people, while they enjoy Florida's great weather. 

Now I am back home :( I wish I could stay but I have to go back to school...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from my trip!!!

~Stay Fabulous~


  1. How great it is to be reunited for a moment with all your family members, seems like you had so much fun :)
    Glad to see you back

  2. Seems like a fun trip!

  3. 1. I now have a new favorite song 'crown royal' jill scott because of u:-)
    2. Thanks for visiting my page. I am officially a follower.
    Follow your passion:

  4. I Caribbean too! Well half. My dad is from St. Thomas and my grandparents from his side are from Dominica and Anguilla :)