Thursday, February 9, 2012

eBay Haul!

So I bought so much things in December/January and I totally forgot to tell you guys about it. I am a BIG time eBay fan. I love shopping there for jewelry, hats, tights and other accessories. Because they have free shipping and you can pick choose the price of the item you want, you know I was looking for items under $5, when it comes to accessories. I don't think you should spend so much money on jewelry. 

Red Wool Beret- $ 2.97

Beige Crochet Beanie-$ 2.95 

Light Grey Circle Scarf- $3.49

Golden Silver Pearl Necklace- .99

Gold Bow Knot Ring- .99

White Leather Cuff- $1.19

Grand Total of: $12.58

I have a Forever 21 and Tilly's Haul coming soon!!!