Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natural Hair: My Inspiration!!!

Hello Beautiful people!!! So if you haven't noticed already from looking at my pictures I am natural. Which means I have no perm, relaxer or any chemicals in my hair. Natural hair is the original texture of a black woman's hair. We were born with kinky/curly hair.

I've been natural for a year and five months and a couple of days.... It's a wonderful experience but it can be hard at times. But at the end of the day, you feel closer to your roots, you start to eat healthy and drink A LOT of water and you really save A LOT of money.

The day after i cut off all the perm in my hair :)

My hair now, when I blow dry it. I have a lot of hair!

You can have so much fun styling your hair. When you have a perm, your hair becomes so flat and has no body. But when you are natural you can enjoy many cool hairstyles, from fro's, to braids, to cool up-dos.

This is an up-do I did for a wedding. You could not have done this with permed hair .

So if your natural, enjoy and appreciate your roots! If your not, just make sure your hair is healthy and happy.

If you have any questions about your hair (natural) you can always message me or email me. Also if you want some styling ideas and more hair tips you can go on YouTube for help!!

I will talk to you soon. Have a great and blessed week!!!

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